Concept to Creation - 28 Day Group Coaching Program with Kate Jenvey

Turn your passion for animals into beautiful, realistic coloured pencil drawings with help and guidance through this 28 day coaching program.

 ​This practical and supportive program will cover many aspects of developing your drawing from your initial thoughts and ideas through to a finished drawing.

 ​There are only 30 places so plenty of immersive time with me.

If you have any questions please contact me at

  • Idea: Select a subject you are passionate about

  • Application: Hone your drawing skills

  • Result: A beautiful coloured pencil drawing you will be proud of


Your coloured pencil challenges gone & your coloured pencil skills gained!

No more procrastination and distraction!  Can you imagine how you will feel when you've created something special and it's no longer on your 'to-do' list. Maybe you feel tired, flat or unmotivated but ironically by creating a beautiful animal drawing that you will be proud of is the solution to alleviate these issues. ​It's time to make this happen and express your knowledge, passion and creativity into a drawing that you will be proud to show to the world and to make this happen don't miss this opportunity to get coached by me in my Concept to Creation Coaching Program. 

Choose colours


Begin drawing

You will gain immediate access to all the modules which include downloads, videos and PDFs, and 5 live coaching calls with me, plus more. You will be able to move through the modules at your own pace, with support from me and allow 2-4 hours each week to get the tasks done.

Concept to Creation AUD $127

Time to get drawing the beautiful animals we share the planet with!

P.S. : You'll also get special bonuses when you join !

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